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In addition to their adult lines, Berne also makes outerwear specifically for children. Berne outerwear is great for children when they are hunting or when they are camping. Berne’s outerwear for children has the same quality, durability and comfort as their outerwear for adults just in a smaller size. Berne Apparel uses 100% cotton duck or twill shell fabric, and heavy weighted insulation to insure maximum comfort for your child. Berne provides the best comfort and durability when it comes to your youth’s outerwear.

$37.99 - $42.99
Berne: Girl's Youth/Toddler Washed Hooded Jacket
Style Number: BHJ41
Limited Stock!
$34.99 - $39.99
Berne: Youth/Toddler Washed Hooded Jacket
Style Number: BHJ52
$44.99 - $50.99
Berne: Youth/Toddler Washed Insulated Bib Overall
Style Number: BB21
List Price: $16.99
Berne: Youth Insulated Glove
Style Number: GLV11
Berne: Youth Insulated Bib Overall
Style Number: BB20
$37.99 - $42.99
Berne: Youth/Toddler Washed Hooded Coat Sherpa Lined
Style Number: BHJ42
List Price: $29.99
Berne: Youth Vintage Denim Flannel-Lined CarpenterJean
Style Number: BYP220
$21.99 - $23.99
Berne: Toddler Vintage Unlined Bib Overall
Style Number: BT12
Berne: Infant Sanded Insulated Bib Overall
Style Number: BB22M
List Price: $46.00
Berne: Toddler Washed Insulated Bib Overall - Quilt Lined
Style Number: BB21T
List Price: $40.00
Berne: Infant Girls Sanded Hooded Coat - Fine Sherpa Lined
Style Number: BHJ41M
Limited Stock!